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The evidence of how correct you are is how easily John Edwards was defeated. I'm just surprised that Senator Obama has lasted this long. How do the people who have invested sweat equity in this country gain a voice? We seem to always vote against our best interest. Was it John Maynard Kains who said, "You can never underestimate the stupidity of the American people." I think i read that in Economics 101.

James Pinette

Caribou, ME

Mar 29 2008 - 9:34pm

Web Letter

Trade or traitors, ironically, is the operative word in the about-face Democrats have taken on trade since the fall ‘06 elections and in fact since the invention of the Democratic Leadership Council and the Blue Dog Democrats.

Having been out of power for more than a decade in the Congress and for more than seven years in the White House has in fact made the Democrats less resolute about the domestic decay and international hemorrhaging we have suffered due to the Bush-NeoCon policies and the acquiescence of DLC’s membership and presidential standard bearer Bill Clinton, who signed the first NAFTA agreement into law.

What seems shocking in a way is that the two major brokers of this so-called compromise are a woman and a black man, who represent constituencies nationally and internationally that will be disproportionately hurt by this latest proposal. Women with children and people of color who are already suffering from depressed wages and inadequate health care, labor and environmental protections are being undermined by two Democrats who have had to claw their way to the top due to discrimination. Yet, after this long drought of leadership power, Pelosi and Rangel have opted for the golden parachute of guaranteed campaign contributions to maintain their margin in the Congress rather than believe in the might of the right idea and justice for the working poor and middle class of this country and the planet.

This cynicism and back room dealing by the old guard of the Democratic Party must be resisted by those newly elected Democrats such as Sen. Sherod Brown of Ohio, whose state was number one in job losses due to NAFTA. According to a published report by Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, fair trade was a platform used against Republicans in the ’06 elections to win seats for Democrats in Congress, and it worked. To now renege so quickly on trade after giving President Bush an open pocketbook on the war leaves a large stain on the Dems' claims of integrity and fairness for the people. As these issues sink into the public’s psyche Pelosi and Chairman Dean may find themselves in for more of a contest in ’08 than they realize. With this kind of agenda on trade, who can tell them from Republicans?

Sherletta McCaskill

New York, NY

May 28 2007 - 6:28pm

Web Letter

It is a wishful thinking to believe the Dems sold out only on trade.

They sold out on Iraq War, both in 2002 and today on Resolution to bring our troops back home.

Is anything more shameful than grab the control of Congress over claim that President Bush is completely incompetent and that let him have it his way in the Office for another two years?

The Dems sell out on illegal immigration too.

Here is a simple question again.

Who is going to pay for the social services for the dozens millions illegal immigrants if they were granted a legal status?

We know that the big corporations like cheap labor, but think what amount of taxes could be collected from a wage earner who makes $6.00/hr and what recourses we have to provide for subsidized medical care for his (or her) 4-5 dependents, for the new schools and for new roads to alleviate predictable traffic jams.

The whole picture is a little bit more complicated than our political leaders on Capitol Hill can envision.

Increasing the expenditures and reducing the taxes on corporations that benefit the most from illegal immigrants is the shortest way to bankruptcy of federal government.

The only way to evade a bankruptcy would be to increase the taxes on the middle class. As you know the middle class has no paid lobbyists in Washington, DC, to fight for its interests.

At the same time we are not helping the poor of the world. For example, a single delivery of baby here in the USA costs about $10,000.00. The same amount would pay for safe delivery of at least twenty babies in Latin America.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 21 2007 - 2:18pm

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