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Dine may have led an interesting life, but his insights and opinions are less than inspiring. Thank goodness there are more enlightened Jewish Americans ready to challenge the warmongering Israel-first AIPAC crowd. I don't know many Palestinians either, but I do know a war crime when I see one. What was Dine's response to Israel's bombing of Gaza and murder of 1,400 civilians? Or to its bombing of Lebanon? Or to the Goldstone Report on Israel's war crimes? When Dine was head of AIPAC, the Israeli occupation of Palestine was in full swing--did he use his position to oppose it, or did he just drink shots with the likes of Rabin? I'm not interested in the angst and (minimal) growth of one AIPAC shill who still has fond memories of his time in an organization that has done more for war and against peace than any other in modern history.

Janet Contursi

Minneapolis, MN

Oct 26 2009 - 9:41am

Web Letter

Thanks for a fair article on a complicated man in a complicated milieu.

I have a conspiracy theory though. Can an ex-AIPC strongman really represent USA interests in the Middle East and still carry an Israeli passport?

As a Christian citizen of USA, I pray his talk and actions are sincere, productive and in the USA's interest.

mike flynn

New York, NY

Oct 16 2009 - 9:51am