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I can't believe how many of YOU people bury your heads in the sand...!!! You watch a video of them cutting off the head of an American Citizen, and then try and say it is OUR FAULT..!!! ???? You have to realize that we are in the same place as we were with the Japs, in WWII... My grandfather said he and his men, had to EXTERMINATE whole groups of men in order for the USA to win the war... I think we may have to go OLD SCHOOL on the Islamists..!!! And yes, we are raising our children, our sons, to be ready to march into the middle east and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS..!!! Hope you Weak Kneed Lib's will be able to handle what our sons will HAVE to do..!!

What do you think..?

bill nigh

riverside, ca

Nov 8 2007 - 1:49pm

Web Letter

Anyone who has paid attention over the past few years know that Pipes, Podhoretz, and Horowitz represent the extreme views of the Israeli right. Anyone from the American Enterprise Institute is a neoconservative, and they own the Republican Party through their contacts with the multinationals and the Military/Industrial Complex.

Except for Paul, the Republican candidates are attempting to wave the bloody shirt in order to regain their supposed national defense credentials, which have been destroyed by their current Middle Eastern policies.

As for the Democrats, Clinton's attempt to be in favor of both sides in the issue of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants in New York was an example of how weak-kneed the Democratic Party has become, and its approach to governance.

Both parties have a simple-minded approach to Jewish Americans, as well as Muslims, assuming a uniformity of thought that no one can be elected in New York without genuflecting in the direction of Israel. This belief has carried over into the national election process.

The American people are good and sick of both parties and are ready for new ones.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Nov 6 2007 - 3:53pm

Web Letter

We defeated Imperialism with the help of the czar and other allies.
We defeated fascism with the help of many nationalists.
We defeated Communism with the help of democratic socialists.
We can defeat "Islamo-Fascism" with the help of moderate Islamics.
There is a clear parallel.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Nov 4 2007 - 8:50pm

Web Letter

Ron Paul made a very cohesively clear point that Muslim extremists or terrorists don't hate America because of our freedom, but that we have been in Iraq so much during the past three or so administrations--Bush I, Clinton and W.

What the heart of the matter is would be how there does not only seem to be Islamofascism, but Christofascism as well, and the two have been combating each other for centuries.

Islamic extremists essentially want world denomination just about as much as Christofascists want everyone to believe in Jesus in order to get into Heaven.

Hence, it is fair to say that America would have still been attacked by such Islamic extremists slamming big airplanes into big buildings on 9/11, even if Israel didn't exist, let alone Western influence in the Middle East.

It just seems very difficult in this world to coexist, but the least we all can do is stop harassing others about religion or how to believe, particularly due to the various conflicting sects in Christianity (e.g., Catholic, Protestant etc.) and Islam (e.g., Sunnis and Shiites). Religious fundamentalism is very dangerous, and is what is at the core of what is wrong in our global society.

As for Judaism, its sages do not condemn nor kill those who think the way Jewish people do. Their gentile counterparts may eventually grab the shirt of a Jew or a Rabbi and say, "We will go with you, for we have heard God is with you" under a Zacariah verse. This doesn't imply that everyone should convert to Judaism, but moreover follow seven simple and straight forward laws of the Noahide:

1) Belief in God - do not worship idols
2) Praise God - do not blaspheme His name
3) Do not steal
4) Do not murder
5) Do not commit immoral sexual acts
6) Do not pull the flesh of the living
7) Establish courts and justices

These cohesive laws can bring the world more into context as at least one potential option for peace and coexisting.

Nick Rosen

Great Falls, VA

Nov 4 2007 - 10:33am

Web Letter

So why would peaceful, freedom-loving, honest Americans buy into hateful bigotry so easily? Possibly because we aren't actually peaceful, or freedom loving, or honest?

I have taken heat posting notices of American anti-Muslim bigotry to the Washington Post's op-ed forums; rarely do I get a nod of acknowledgment or support from my fellow posters. I have to wonder where the clear minds are, as it seems plain to me; if you denigrate a class of millions for the actions of a few, you are a bigot, period. When I have posted, "Your children are learning to be bigots before they are 10 years old," the response has generally been silence.

Mr Cole's article is welcome and practically heartwarming in the face of the impractical anti-Muslim prejudice rampant in GOP politics. But Democrat politics are not much better.

In order to increase-truth telling we would need to criticize ourselves first. Can Americans handle that? Can they be told that the fear that Bush has ramped up is phony bigotry and war-mongering? Can they be told that Dobson's visions of The Rapture are hate-based magical-think mythology? Can they be told that their government's methods disrespect the nations they intend to serve, and that American soldiers are not angels sent to bless but tools of corporate oil and the military industrial complex? I personally don't think Americans are ready for this level of truth.

Moreover it's unclear if any candidate will even try to bring truth to the current mess Bush has us in. More likely they will join the lie parade rather than try to reroute it. After all, most of them claim to believe some variation of the Christian fundamentalist religious story line from which the worst of the GOP get their bigoted chutzpah.

Chris Kent

Portsmouth, NH

Nov 4 2007 - 9:32am

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