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All very true, Obama is by far the best of who is left. And I thought the endorsement from the Kennedys also gave Obama instant credibility. The problem is that a large portion of this nation's electorate is narrow-minded, and extremely ill-informed. The Republicans with McCain are already pushing the buttons that will unfortunately put him over the top in November--national security and defense, with continual doses of fearmongering. Such tactics just recently twice elected the most ill-qualified, deficient and diasastrous President we have ever had to suffer.

John Giarratana

Jersey City, NJ

Jan 31 2008 - 5:58pm

Web Letter

Like you I am an Obama leaner but not a enthusiast: he is definitely more progressive on international affairs, foreign policy, the war etc. He is mostly more conservative on domestic policy, such as with health insurance, and I am somewhat in agreement with the whole Krugman-esque argument around not getting our "bipartisan" or "unipartisan" hopes up.

Basically, I like the Obama movement and what it represents. How much is projection of our hopes upon him rather than reality... I have no idea.

As for Clinton: More progressive in her written policy platform on domestic issues. Less progressive on the war and foreign policy in general. But how much to trust what she says when she talks a more liberal line, given her DLC ties, relative corporate history, prior cave-ins, etc.... I have no idea.

Best description of Hillary has been: "She has all the right enemies... and all the wrong friends."

Steve Auerbach

New York, NY

Jan 31 2008 - 4:34pm

Web Letter

I'm not sure yet whether Obama really means what he says about unity, or both sides causing the polarization problems infecting this country, "No more Red & Blue" etc., but whether he believes it or not, it's true. It's also not a myth that it's both sides, as Hayes prefers to think. It is both sides, and has been for many years. Call it a legacy of the Lousiest Generation: both Lib & Con, Dem & Rep, Red & Blue are responsible for such uncompromising thought processes, such disdain for our Constitution, such anger at "the other side," as if the audacity of one to disagree were itself an assault upon the other. It must stop, and guys like Obama (and, I think, Paul) are the only ones I've seen out there prepared to change things. If Obama means what he says, then Hayes is going to be sorely disappointed, because, as the content of his article demonstrates, he's part of the problem.

Charles Thornton

Reisterstown, MC

Jan 31 2008 - 2:54pm

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