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Thank good ness I wasn't the only one who thought all this fawning over Russert after his death was ridiculous. He was no more hard-nosed than the rest. Couldn't be otherwise, or no one would come on his show again.

And now they have drafted his son to be on the MSNBC election coverage. Did this kid get a dregree in journalism? Has he followed politics? Give me a break!

Martha Miller

Appleton, WI

Aug 7 2008 - 9:08pm

Web Letter

I was pleased to see that Alexander Cockburn was not taken in by all the adulation of Tim Russert.

Mr. Russert had Al Franken as a guest on his late-night show and was obnoxious, cruel and unprofessional. He displayed all these traits when he thought the camera had moved to a commercial--and it had not. He made a fool of himself, after trying for an hour to make a fool of Mr. Franken. It was extremely unsettling to watch, and I never tuned in to Russert's programs again.

May we all rest in peace.

Dot Drake

Saint Paul, MN

Jul 4 2008 - 4:13pm

Web Letter

Media have jumped on the Russert Canonization, and Cockburn asks why?

It is because Russert was the best journalist on television, because he was honest; and he was loved by Americans, a feeling the petty media will never know.

Russert showed his weaknesses and his strengths, and his consistency earned him mass public trust.

The rest of the media pack are just that--a pack. They can't stand in Russert's shadow. But, oh, how they try, hoping some of the admiration and love will rub off on them. How pathetic.

Media rank lower in public approval than Bush, and for the same reasons--lies, lies, lies, all pushing doctrine instead of truth, all seeking self and glory and contracts instead of truth and humility.

The media is what has brought the media down, not the Internet.

Of course a group of lying fakes, all enamored with their own reflections in mirrors, tries to connect in public to Russert--not for admiration, but for their own vanity.

Lorenzo Porricelli

Huntington Beach, CA

Jun 25 2008 - 1:56am

Web Letter

I am continuously pleased when Alexander Cockburn validates my most innermost thoughts about "public events." Thank you for staying out "on the edge." We need you to stand against the forces of evil so those of us with less talent can have our views put to print.

Sam Chandler

Snohomish, WA

Jun 25 2008 - 1:22am

Web Letter

Thanks to Alexander Cockburn for speaking up about the real Tim Russert. I wanted to pass along a story about the 2004 interview with George Bush. The week before, I met Russert in Iowa. Everybody was fawning over him and he was lapping it up. I walked up to him and demanded, "When are you going to be as tough on a Republican guest as you are on the Democrats?" He said he always was. To which I replied, "Don't bullshit me, I watch the show. And you're not." As I say, the Bush interview was the next week, and was one of the toughest I'd seen for an Administration figure. It did make me wonder if our "chat" had anything to do with it.

Chris Finnie

Boulder Creek, CA

Jun 24 2008 - 6:45pm

Web Letter

I think that the press totally lost their professionalism in this instance.

They gave way too much importance to a story about a friend and colleague. Russert seemed to be a nice person and a good friend to many in the news media. However the news media hijacked the press and airwaves with this story.

CNN devoted a full evening to Russert. One person actually compared him to JFK.

It really shows us that how journalists create the news and amplify it based on their personal whims.

That's the important story and lesson behind the Russert coverage.

John W. Babiak

Montreal, Canada

Jun 21 2008 - 8:44am

Web Letter

I can't add a damn thing, damn it.


James Pinette

Caribou, ME

Jun 19 2008 - 2:46pm

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