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The author of this article chose to frame the conflict in left/right politics. This is misleading.

Micheletti's "obstinacy" is not fueled by Otto Reich and other Chávez-obsessed bogeymen. Micheletti's resolve is fueled by the overwhelming popular support of Hondurans among all classes of society both at home and abroad. It is true that Zelaya's supporters are mainly from the lower class and the public employee unions. (He also enjoys the support of multimillionaires Maldonado and Rosenthal). However, a majority of the lower class do not support Zelaya's return. You also have to question the support of the public employees union, especially the teachers' union. The teachers have been chronically on strike for the last three or four years. There are also complaints by rank-and-file members that they are being threatened if they give classes. They march and draw a paycheck. Parents are fed up with the illegal use of the schools as part of Mel's insurrectionist movement. Middle- and upper-class families send their children to private schools. The parents of the students in public schools have not joined ranks with the quasi-freedom fighters. Why is this?

The author also failed to mention that Zelaya repeatedly violated our constitution and ignored the other constitutionally established branches of government. The Congress, the judicial branch, the TSE, his own political party (Liberal), the Catholic Church, the evangelical Protestant churches (with the exception of Maldonado), the working class, the middle class, which is now referred to as the burgesa, every ex-president and the business community all support Micheletti.

The threat of Chavismo certainly did ignite a right-wing/ conservative reaction. However, not only the right object to Chávez;--who in a speech in Honduras referred to those that opposed the Honduran membership as pitiyanquis. Most Hondurans across all lines of political beliefs felt insulted by this pompous fool, while Zelaya and Rodas clapped. At this same gathering Zelaya ignored the protest of women's liberation groups and child rights groups by inviting Daniel Ortega. I suppose that the personal affection that the deforesting millionaire, purebred horse and motorcycle collector Zelaya has with the child molester/designer sunglass collector/ex-bandit president by a 38 percent plurality Daniel Ortega.

The US State Department realizes that it came down too harshly and too quickly by accepting the Zelaya/Insulza version of events. It is apparent to all that Insulza had defended a friend and not a constitution, much less the people that actually live in Hondura. What happened here was at worst a "velvet coup." The military does not run things and a civilian government is functioning. The National Congress of democratically elected deputies is functioning and the constitutional seperation of powers is respected.

Zelaya claims that the US could end this "coup" in a matter of minutes by cutting off commercial relations and withholding all economic support. He might be right. What he doesn't say is that if even a significant minority of Hondurans wanted him to return, Micheletti would not be able to last more than a week.

Ezra Hernandez

La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras

Aug 15 2009 - 9:49am

Web Letter

I am in general agreement with the analysis in this article. I have always opposed foreign-instigated military coups in Latin America or anywhere. However, I think our arguments must be based on the fact that a democratically elected government was overthrown in by a foreign-instigated military coup. Honduras must be the focus of our outrage and not any other government in the region. We must back the OAS efforts to return democratically elected government to that country. We need to pull our troops out of Honduras.

It is possible that an agency of the federal government was responsible for this coup, but coups in Latin America preceded the development of American intelligence services. Multinational corporations have the financial assets and the will to instigate these kinds of activities.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Aug 14 2009 - 12:19pm