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The horizon of 2008 is too long to wait for American leaders/elected officials who will salvage our ship of state from an imperial executive notorious for deceiving the people and allowing a corporatocracy-run-wild. It is past time for a renewal of the historic compact between the citizens of the United States and its government.

Having lost thousands of our sons and daughters, our treasure and our reputation to misbegotten wars and the power plays of global elites, I suggest that we should expect ten things of our next leaders:

1. Committment to restoring the Balance of Powers under the Constitution.

2. Leaders and managers who are intellectually honest, who respect the rule of law and the will of the people.

3. Government policies and programs that are fair, reflect democratic values, designed with scientific veracity and implemented with integrity.

4. Commitment to peace, unless the US is attacked on our soil by a foreign power.

5. Restoration of laws, regulations and policies that protect and serve the best interests of the public, with humanitarian considerations foremost.

6. Return to separation of church and state as the Founders intended.

7. Honest government with no tolerance for unethical, dishonest and corrupt dealings at any level of goverment, from torture and renditions to the buying and selling of plitical favors to malfeasance and contract irregularities.

8. Open government and restoration of whistleblower protections.

9. Efficiency and effectiveness in government.

10. Smart government that can meet current obligations while looking for ways to strengthen our republic, but reigning in tendencies to overreach and abandon the common good.

Let us be known again as the land of opportunity, with liberty and justice for all!

Luise Light

Bellows Falls , Vermont

Feb 10 2007 - 10:06am

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