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November 18, 2002 Issue

Bruce Cumings decries nuclear politics in North Korea, Patricia J. Williams reflects on public fear and Peter Sacks reviews arguments agains…

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Endgame in Korea

On a sparkling Indian summer day fifteen years ago, I was waiting in front of the Pyongyang Hotel with a British documentary producer.

Terror in Moscow

For a political solution to succeed, leaders in Washington and Moscow must delink the issue of Chechnya from the global fight against terrorism.

Paul Wellstone

Patti Smith scanned the thousands of antiwar demonstrators who filled Washington the day after the death of Paul Wellstone and reflected on the enormous loss of the Minnesot...



Books & the Arts

Letting Out the (War) Dogs

They say that war is hell, and Chris Hedges shows us how and why. Hedges's War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning painfully and profoundly illustrates how violent confl...

In Our Orbit

"Ifavor unconditional withdrawal from the territories," says a former head of Israel's security service, rather starkly, given his background. It's from an interview in this...

In Cold Type

Until and unless a nonhuman animal becomes a legal person, she will remain invisible to civil law." This quote from the legal profile in Bark magazine's fall issue in many w...

Prosody in Motion

As you are no doubt aware, First Lady Laura Bush is a former teacher and has a master's degree in library science. This is all to the good.

Sociobiology and You

If Steven Pinker's latest 500-page treatise on the brain, The Blank Slate, serves any wider purpose in the popular discussion of science issues, it will, one hopes, b...

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