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Five Vie for Puzzler's Mantle

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Remi Silk-Knee
 1 44- degree game in which we arrange the Cards against the Crimson Tide, briefly. (6,5)
 7 Cap primary energy allotment for a mission the CIA might undertake. (6,9)
 9 Cuban currency that’s no longer in use. (4)
10 Go out to repair store image. (3,4,3)
12 Appreciated actor Oliver engages a star named Taylor. (8)
13 See 24
15 Transport through western Georgia mired in snow. (6)
17 Skulduggery of chef Bobby is captivating—o my gosh! (4,4)
20 Hoodwink chum, taking in a returning thief from French literature. (10)
21 Poem manages to include a Jane Austen character. (4)
23 Aphorism that does not apply to the Isle of Man? (2,3,2,2,6)
24 and 13 Viola seeker has pen in play! (11,2,4)
 1  Absorb a variant part for a European site. (7)
 2 Scarce arrow-borne poison, once copper is extracted. (4)
 3 Coed lets loose, having not revealed a sexual orientation. (8)
 4 Where a Ukrainian might be passed over, smuggling some lifted letters. (6)
 5 In a way to trigger panic buttons, sending weapons into friendly nation. (10)
 6 Discard two caplets of vitamin A, and return orange in a lively musical manner. (7)
 7 A CNN employee arrived, still wet behind the ears, at a Mideast nation. (11)
 8 You might have one in your household staff disruptively demur, “Nay, sir!” (11)
11 Adapting an awkward subject of the “eats shoots and leaves” joke. (5,5)
14 Gingerly prepare to take dinner, eating frequently. (6,2)
16 Creatures of myth biting the tail off manticore to get plans for life? (7)
18 Drink from Long Island sent to Gettysburg victor. (7)
19 Stuck-up, cheesy legionnaire guards the French president’s palace. (6)
22 A land where Mongkut was king, almost all the way to the end! (4)
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