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October 11, 2004

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  • Editorials

    Top 10 Reasons for the US to Get Out of Iraq

    The US occupation of Iraq is the cause of, not the solution to, the violence and the mounting deaths that followed the invasion.

    Erik Leaver

  • Letter From Ground Zero

    Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, once a supporter of the war in Iraq, has been rethinking his position.

    Jonathan Schell

  • In Fact…


    the Editors

  • DeLay on the Hot Seat

    Two investigative bombs with long fuses are sizzling under Tom DeLay, America's Machiavelli of gerrymandering and shakedown fundraising.

    Jack Newfield

  • Nonproliferation Politics

    Nonproliferation--the global campaign to prevent the further spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons--must be applied in a nondiscriminatory fashion to be effective.

    Michael T. Klare

  • Where Rather Was Right

    When it comes to presidential politics there seem to be a half-dozen narratives favored by big (and small-minded) media: Who's ahead?, "Gotcha!", the (cynical) assumption that all policy pronounc

    Victor Navasky

  • Election Matters

    When John Kerry in a recent speech refocused his campaign by targeting George W.

    David Corn

  • Bush Spins at the UN

    George W. Bush's September 21 speech to the United Nations, marked by an air of unreality and hypocrisy, was insulting to many other nations.

    the Editors


  • Books and the Arts

    The Ethics of George W. Bush

    In his second inaugural address as Governor of Texas, George W. Bush declared, "Some people think it's inappropriate to make moral judgments anymore.

    Katherine C. Reilly

  • What Are They Reading?

    Before you place a bid on that original Jeff Koons ceramic Puppy vase, you might want to take a peek at Donald Kuspit's The End of Art.

    Habiba Alcindor

  • In Dubious Battle

    Say what you will about the sins of the Bush Administration. But credit it with one small but welcome accomplishment: It has moved Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

    Michael Kazin

  • Homeland Insecurity

    One hundred years ago, in the wake of England's ruinous victory in the Boer War, a young Liberal politician excoriated the ruling Conservative Party and its imperial scam: "A party of great veste

    George Scialabba

  • The Book [excerpts]

    Translated from the Arabic by Sinan Antoon


  • The Chastening of the Times

    On March 9, 2003, a distinguished group of high-ranking politicians and journalists descended on the Bryant Park Hotel to attend a wedding reception for the then-executive editor of the New Yo

    Scott Sherman

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