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How To Fight for Your Rights and Privacy Online

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Focus on Internet Privacy

Trump’s Net Neutrality-Hating FCC Chair Is Already Gutting Public-Interest Regulations

But movements can counter him.

John Nichols

What Is the Fate of the First Amendment in the Digital Age?

Freedoms of speech and of the press are some of the first victims of today’s surveillance regime. They are also some of the best defenses against it.

Jameel Jaffer

Net Neutrality Is in Danger. Tell the FCC Why We Need It

Our new FCC chairman has said that net neutrality’s “days are numbered.”


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Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch’s Own Testimony Clearly Disqualifies Him

The nominee failed to outline even minimal concerns about the GOP’s judicial coup.

John Nichols
Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination Protest

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Call Your Senators and Demand That They Reject Neil Gorsuch

Unlike Trump’s other appointments, Democrats can filibuster a Supreme Court nominee.

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