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Take Action Now: Keep Up the Fight to Save Our Health Care

We need to fight until the cruel Republican “health-care” bill is defeated for good. 

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Focus on Health Care

The Senate Health-Care Bill Is Morally Indefensible

The bill makes an equivalence between affording care and deserving care.

Laila Lalami

The Republican Health-Care Plan Explained

“Oh come on, we don’t need affordable health care. People can always go to the emergency room!”

Tom Tomorrow

Republicans Spent the Weekend Lying Their Faces Off About Health Care

Cuts to Medicaid? What cuts to Medicaid? There are no cuts to Medicaid here.

Joan Walsh

Editor’s Picks

Environmental Activism

A Major Global Foundation Just Pledged $1 Million to the Standing Rock Sioux

And that’s not the only good news the tribe received this month.

Abbey White

Take action

The Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Not Over. Here’s How You Can Join

The water protectors and their allies have been taking aim at the project in a way that the companies behind it are sure to notice: by hitting them in their pocketbooks.

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