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Focus on Election 2016

Returning to His Roots, Sanders Launches ‘Our Revolution’

Bernie introduced his new organization with a speech from Vermont—and entrusted it to longtime staffer Jeff Weaver.

D.D. Guttenplan

Why Obama Should Pardon Edward Snowden

Seth Freed Wessler on the power of independent journalism, Amy Wilentz on Jared Kushner, and Ben Wizner on Edward Snowden.

Start Making SenseandJon Wiener

Letters From the September 12-19, 2016, Issue

Portrait of the artist as an old man… Yes, black lives matter… Not-so-neo-Nazism…

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Immigration Policy

The Justice Department Will End All Federal Private Prisons, Following a ‘Nation’ Investigation

Our yearlong probe uncovered dozens of questionable deaths and years of dire warnings from internal monitors.

Seth Freed Wessler

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Take Action to End the Use of Tear Gas in Prisons

People in prisons across the country have described harrowing experiences that sound like nothing less than torture.

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