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Focus on Brett Kavanaugh

Just How Bad Would Kavanaugh Be for the Environment?

Trump’s Supreme Court pick has a long track record of favoring business interests over the health of people and the earth.

Michelle Chen

Judge Kavanaugh: An Originalist With a New—and Terrifying—Interpretation of Executive Power

With an ultraconservative majority on the Supreme Court, it will be up to Congress to save our civil rights.

Patricia J. Williams

Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Would Threaten Robert Mueller’s Investigation and the Affordable Care Act

Democrats are gearing up to battle Trump’s nominee on multiple fronts.

Joan Walsh

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What Democrats Need to Know About Moderate Republicans

There aren’t enough of them to provide the margin of victory this November.

Steve Phillips
Democracy Spring 2016

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Don't Let Corporate Money Dominate the Midterms

You can also organize in your community to demand that all separated immigrant families are reunited and freed from detention.

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