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How to Join the Fight Against Texas’s Racist Immigration Law

Activists will gather at the Texas State Capitol this Monday—and they’re asking for everyone’s support.

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Focus on Immigration

The Airport Lawyers Who Stood Up to Trump Are Under Attack

The Department of Justice is perverting a rule to shut down immigrant-rights lawyers.

Rachel B. Tiven

ICE Has Made Over 41,000 Arrests in Trump’s First 100 Days

Cracking down on undocumented immigrants is one campaign promise he’s keeping.

Julianne Hing

Mexico’s ‘Drug War’ Is Really a War Against Journalists—Waged by the Government

Washington-backed military and economic initiatives have fueled a perfect machine of perpetual war.

Greg Grandin

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Media Analysis

Trump Is Trying to Cover Up His Lies by Destroying Information

For an administration that depends on ignorance, public knowledge is enemy number one.

Rebecca Gordon
andrew jackson trump

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Demand That Congress Force Trump to Release His Tax Returns

It’s more important than ever that we understand exactly how Donald Trump stands to benefit from the power of his office.

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