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For Tax Day, Fight to Repeal Trump's Giveaway to the Wealthy

You can also demand Congress vote on Trump’s illegal air strikes on Syria and find out how to support undocumented students.

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Focus on Tax Cuts

The GOP Tax Cuts Are Such a Blatant Scam That They Might Change the Whole Conversation

Are Democrats finally learning to refuse to play the “pay-for” game?

Joshua Holland

Donald Trump’s Favorite Drug Trafficker and Other Unsung Scandals of the Presidency From Hell

A conversation with David Cay Johnston, who has investigated Trump’s shady dealings for decades.

Mark Hertsgaard

A Wave of Corporate Propaganda Is Boosting Trump’s Tax Cuts

Businesses saw that most Americans didn’t like the tax law at first. So they’ve gone on the offensive.

Joshua Holland

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Foreign Policy

Trump’s Attack on Syria Shows the US Still Considers Itself a Global Policeman

Whatever the stated rationale for the air strikes, the bottom line is that they are a violation of international law and of our own Constitution.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Don’t Let Mike Pompeo Become Secretary of State

You can also join the 2018 Tax March and open up your home to people fleeing violence in Central America.

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