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Focus on Jails and Prisons

More Alarming News From the Fronts of the New Cold War

Finland may become yet another front, the war party may have defeated Obama on Syria policy, and dangerous desperation in Kiev.

Stephen F. Cohen

Is Julian Assange Exposing Innocent People to Persecution With Reckless Leaks?

That’s the accusation from dissidents in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and elsewhere.

Mark Hertsgaard

There’s a Bigger Problem at the Border Than Trump’s Proposed Wall

We live in fear of Trumps plan for the Mexican border—not realizing that much of it already exists.

Todd Miller

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Jails and Prisons

The Financial Firm That Cornered the Market on Jails

Thousands of arrestees a year are forced into get-out-of-jail-broke cards that are loaded up with deceptive fees.

Arun Gupta

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Take Action to End the Use of Tear Gas in Prisons

People in prisons across the country have described harrowing experiences that sound like nothing less than torture.

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End Abuse in Our Privatized Immigrant-Only Prisons

A recent investigation published by The Nation found that dozens of men had died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. Join The Nation, the ACLU, Detention Watch Network, and Grassroots Leadership in calling on the White House to end this shadow private prison system.

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