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Focus on the Trump administration

Everything Trump Did in His 5th Week That Actually Matters

Trump continues to lay the groundwork for a dangerous four years.

Zoë CarpenterandGeorge Zornick

Legal Groups Are Already Planning for Trump’s Next Attack on Immigrants and Refugees

“We are going to be ready to defend.”

John Washington

Memo Restoring Use of Private Prisons Is Good News for One Company

There is an obvious trail from Jeff Sessions to a major contractor.

David Dayen

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The Trump Administration’s Other War on the Media

Trump wants to give his corporate allies full control of our media ecosystem. A people-powered movement demanding an open and free Internet is what it will take to stop him.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Free Press activists rally for net neutrality.

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Net Neutrality Is in Danger. Tell the FCC Why We Need It

Our new FCC chairman has said that net neutrality’s “days are numbered.”

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