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Sign the Petition to Abolish Superdelegates

After hundreds of thousands of people spoke out, Democratic leaders agreed to limit the influence of superdelegates. Keep up the pressure to make the Democratic primaries truly democratic.

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Focus on the 2016 Election

The 2016 Republican National Convention, in a Nutshell

Christie and Carson and Cruz—oh, my!

Tom Tomorrow

Bernie Sanders Just Showed Us What a Mensch Looks Like

It took a charisma-free, 74-year-old, Brooklyn-born Jewish socialist from Vermont to bring the political revolution this far.

D.D. Guttenplan

The Democratic Party Puts a Diverse America Onstage

Immigrant-rights groups kept the pressure on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party during the first day of the convention.

Julianne Hing

Editor’s Picks

Guns and Gun Control

We Need a Radical Movement for Gun Control

When the normal political system fails, it’s time to act up!

the Editors

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Call the Top 20 Recipients of NRA Cash in Congress

They might be able to prevent the next Orlando—if they get out of the way of gun-control legislation.

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End Abuse in Our Privatized Immigrant-Only Prisons

A recent investigation published by The Nation found that dozens of men had died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. Join The Nation, the ACLU, Detention Watch Network, and Grassroots Leadership in calling on the White House to end this shadow private prison system.

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