Fascism’s Firm Footprint in India Fascism’s Firm Footprint in India

The Indian state is criminally culpable for the murder of Muslims in Gujarat.

Sep 12, 2002 / Feature / Arundhati Roy

The Case Against War The Case Against War

A rebuttal to eight arguments put forward by proponents of an invasion of Iraq.

Sep 12, 2002 / Feature / Stephen Zunes

The UN Gambit The UN Gambit

George W. Bush's decision to "involve" the United Nations in his plans to attack Iraq does not indicate a conversion to multilateralism on the road to Baghdad. Washington's con...

Sep 12, 2002 / Editorial / Ian Williams

The Coup That Wasn’t The Coup That Wasn’t

During the two-day opera buffa that was the on-again, off-again military coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice played a ...

Sep 11, 2002 / Editorial / Marc Cooper

Borderline Madness Borderline Madness

New Delhi

Sep 11, 2002 / Editorial / Praful Bidwai

Letter to America Letter to America

Concerned that a much-needed international perspective is missing from the debate in this country over the course of American foreign policy and US relations with the world, Th...

Sep 5, 2002 / Feature / Breyten Breytenbach

One Year Later One Year Later

In the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks, Americans experienced a mixture of fear and warmth, a quickening of the national spirit. The extraordinary heroism of th...

Sep 5, 2002 / Editorial / The Editors

War Against Iraq: The Context War Against Iraq: The Context

The terrorism war begins to sag. The perpetrator we were meant to bag Remains at large, and wartime fervor fades. Then Bush and all his hawkish White House aides Drop sanctio...

Sep 5, 2002 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Impaired Intelligence Impaired Intelligence

In July the Washington Post, under the headline "Panel Finds No 'Smoking Gun' in Probe of 9/11 Intelligence Failures," reported that the House and Senate intelligence committee...

Sep 5, 2002 / Editorial / David Corn

The Tenth Crusade The Tenth Crusade

Amid the elegies for the dead and the ceremonies of remembrance, seditious questions intrude: Is there really a war on terror; and if one is indeed being waged, what are its ob...

Sep 5, 2002 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn