Pentagon Hawks Take Wing Pentagon Hawks Take Wing

A new Defense Department spy office could politicize intelligence gathering.

Nov 26, 2002 / Feature / Jason Vest

Inspections: The White House Fallback Position Inspections: The White House Fallback Position

If nothing shows in spyplane pics And Blix finds nothing in the sticks, That still won't put us in a fix. We'll blame it on Iraqi tricks,

Nov 26, 2002 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Containing Saddam Containing Saddam

Critics of America's plans to oust Saddam Hussein militarily have mounted powerful arguments, but not one has articulated a coherent nonmilitary strategy to bring about the dem...

Nov 26, 2002 / Editorial / Andrew Mack

Total Information, Total Confusion Total Information, Total Confusion

So let's join Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Edward "Pete" Aldridge at a recent Pentagon press briefing, where he's addressing concerns a...

Nov 26, 2002 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn

Quiet in Hollywood Quiet in Hollywood

The Quiet American, which recently opened for a two-week run in a couple of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, illustrates just how far Hollywood self-censorship has gone in...

Nov 26, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Jon Wiener

Letter From Chile Letter From Chile

Neoliberalism has produced an eco-crisis.

Nov 26, 2002 / Feature / Jimmy Langman

Ask the Relativist Ask the Relativist

Dear Dr. Madlaw,    As a newly elected member of Congress, I am appalled at the high cost of living in Washington. What's a hard-working public servant to do?

Nov 26, 2002 / Column / Patricia J. Williams

What Price Security? What Price Security?

Now, here's what the deal's supposed to be: In exchange for greater security you give up certain rights.

Nov 26, 2002 / Editorial / The Editors

Endgame in Korea Endgame in Korea

On a sparkling Indian Summer day fifteen years ago, I was waiting in front of the Pyongyang Hotel with a British documentary producer.

Nov 25, 2002 / Feature / Bruce Cumings

The Humanitarian Temptation The Humanitarian Temptation

In 2000, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan posed a question to the Millennium Summit of the UN: "If humanitarian intervention is, indeed, an unacceptable assault on s...

Nov 21, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Ian Williams