Fascism’s Face in Genoa Fascism’s Face in Genoa

Behind the police brutality observed at the G-8 summit in Italy lies the specter of Fascism.

Aug 9, 2001 / Editorial / John L. Allen Jr.

Slow Food Slow Food

An Italian answer to globalization.

Aug 9, 2001 / Feature / Alexander Stille

Vieques Si! Yanqui No? Vieques Si! Yanqui No?

Puerto Ricans of all stripes question the Navy's presence there.

Aug 9, 2001 / Column / Christopher Hitchens

Bio-Piracy in Chiapas Bio-Piracy in Chiapas

Mexico's Zapatista community is protesting the commercial exploitation of the country's ecological riches.

Aug 9, 2001 / Editorial / Bill Weinberg

Race Matters Race Matters

At the end of this summer, an event will take place that could change the way the world thinks about one of its most vexing problems--racism.

Aug 9, 2001 / Feature / Alan Jenkins

Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning

A world effort to force an end to the US death penalty is gaining strength.

Jul 27, 2001 / Feature / Bruce Shapiro

Plan Colombia Broadens Plan Colombia Broadens

These days, the buzz on Capitol Hill seems loudest about Gary Condit.

Jul 17, 2001 / Feature / Jason Vest

Israel Shahak, 1933-2001 Israel Shahak, 1933-2001

In early June I sat on a panel, in front of a large and mainly Arab audience, with Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. Our hosts, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Commit...

Jul 12, 2001 / Column / Christopher Hitchens

Letter From Palestine Letter From Palestine

The mood in the occupied territories is one of growing rage and despair.

Jul 12, 2001 / Feature / Roane Carey

Pinochet’s Charade Pinochet’s Charade

Augusto Pinochet entered political life in 1973 by destroying the rule of law. Now, twenty-eight years later, thanks to a decision by a Chilean appeals court, he exits the public ...

Jul 12, 2001 / Editorial / Marc Cooper