Keeping Hope Alive Keeping Hope Alive

You can be forgiven if, like me, you were a bit depressed to hear that the war had started. But this is no time to go into a funk.

Mar 25, 2003 / Editorial / William D. Hartung

Postcards From New York Postcards From New York

Among the approximately 150,000 people who took to the streets of New York on March 22 to protest the US invasion of Iraq were six Nation interns.

Mar 25, 2003 / Feature / The Nation

Frost at Foggy Bottom Frost at Foggy Bottom

Is the government's foreign policy apparatus a casualty of war? The recent resignations of two career State Department officials, who left to protest George W.

Mar 20, 2003 / Editorial / David Corn

Global Dispatches Global Dispatches

The Nation elicited comment on reaction to the war against Iraq from all corners of the globe.

Mar 20, 2003 / Feature / The Nation

Perle, Interrupted Perle, Interrupted

Famed Prince of Darkness Richard Perle is a political animal unique to Washington.

Mar 20, 2003 / Column / Eric Alterman

An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy An American Tragedy

The tragedy of America in the post-cold war era is that we have proved unequal to the responsibility that our own power placed upon us.

Mar 20, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Jonathan Schell

The Poodle That Barked The Poodle That Barked

George Bush is supposed to be the cowboy, Tony Blair the sidekick--or, in some versions, the presidential poodle.

Mar 20, 2003 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

The Big Lie The Big Lie

How bad can things get, how fast? Are we already at the point where literally nothing can derail the war machine?

Mar 20, 2003 / Editorial / Russ Baker

War. What Is It Good For? War. What Is It Good For?

By the time you read this, the invasion of Iraq may have begun--or it may be over.

Mar 20, 2003 / Column / Katha Pollitt

Inside Baghdad Inside Baghdad

Iraqis, exhausted by years of sanctions and oppression, just want it all to end.

Mar 20, 2003 / Feature / Jeremy Scahill