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  • January 31, 2002

    Of Moles and Men


    Dusko Doder

  • January 31, 2002

    Shall We Leave It to the Experts?

    Enron's power project in India demonstrates who benefits from globalization.

    Arundhati Roy

  • January 31, 2002

    Something Old, Something New

    To the January ritual of reflecting on the old year and looking to the new, add the "top five" list of various 2001 nuclear events put together by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

    Matt Bivens

  • January 31, 2002

  • January 31, 2002

    Kissinger’s Green Light to Suharto

    In a few weeks, East Timor will be able to celebrate both its independence as a country and its status as a democracy. Elections will have produced a government able to seek and receive international recognition. An undetermined number of Timorese, herded by the Indonesian Army into the western part of the island during the last spasms of cruelty before Jakarta formally abandoned its claim to the territory, will not be able to celebrate. And the entire process is gruesomely overshadowed by the murder of at least a quarter of a million Timorese during the illegal Indonesian occupation.

    Christopher Hitchens


  • January 24, 2002

    The Others

    What if we could see the Afghan dead as we've seen the September 11 victims?

    Howard Zinn

  • January 24, 2002

    Bound and Gagged

    The first thing they do is cover your eyes. They make you strip to make sure you're not carrying anything. They replace your clothes with uniforms that are not clothes at all.

    Charles Glass

  • January 17, 2002

    Divide and Misrule

    One of the old school of the British colonial service, a man with the irresistible name of Sir Penderel Moon, wrote a book about the end of empire and titled it Divide and Quit. At whose expense was this extremely dry joke? Look around the global scene today, and you will find the landscape pitted with the shards of that very policy.

    Christopher Hitchens