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  • April 29, 1999

    Whistleblower’s Trill on Iraq

    Iraq is out of the news, mostly, except for the occasional report of a missile fired from a US jet flying over it on patrol. And Maj. Scott Ritter is off the air.

    William M. Arkin

  • April 29, 1999

    Belgrade Degraded

    Every now and then it really happens. A "military spokesman" emerges to prove that Joseph Heller was a realist, and Catch-22 a work of reportorial integrity.

    Christopher Hitchens

  • April 21, 1999

    Hawks, Doves & Ducks

    As NATO was beginning its fourth week of not-yet-successful persuasion bombing, several progressive members of the House gathered privately to hash out their views of President Clinton's still-un

    David Corn

  • April 21, 1999

    NATO: At 50, It’s Time to Quit

    The war against Serbia is the Banquo's ghost of NATO's fiftieth-anniversary celebration in Washington.

    Benjamin Schwarz and Christopher Layne

  • April 21, 1999

    Preventive Diplomacy

    The US/NATO war in Kosovo marks a dramatic shift in the contours of global politics and domestic foreign policy discussions that is likely to have ramifications for years to come.

    William D. Hartung

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  • April 15, 1999

    Battle Hymn

    We're bombing you back to the Stone Age, Slobo,
    To teach you that you must behave.
    When all of our bombing is finished, Slobo,

    Calvin Trillin

  • April 15, 1999

    Ethnic Poisoning

    In the very first days of Kosovo's drama of the dispossessed--a calculated atrocity that Slobodan Milosevic probably thinks of as his "exodus strategy"--the most amazing mantra began to be emitt

    Christopher Hitchens

  • April 15, 1999

    Nationalism Unleashed

    We Hungarians entered NATO on March 12.

    George Konrad

  • April 15, 1999

    Bioterrorism Hits Home

    The high moral tone in Washington and London about "rogue" states, such as Iraq, building arsenals of biological weapons belies a shameful past.

    Peter Pringle

  • April 15, 1999

    Solzhenitsyn’s History Lesson

    Knowledge of Khrushchev's reaction cited above is personal; he was the author's grandfather.

    Nina Khrushcheva