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May 24, 1999 Issue

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  • Editorial

    The Liberals’ Folly

    Liberals in the Democratic Party should withdraw their support for the Kosovo war. So should the Democratic Party.

    Tom Hayden

  • ‘Degrading’ America

    It is imperative to focus on the essential reason Americans must unequivocally oppose the US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

    Stephen F. Cohen

  • Palestinians on Hold

    "Arafat gave in to our pressure," was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's typically self-promoting response to the PLO's recent decision not to declare a Palestinian state on May 4, the d

    Graham Usher

  • Stop the War Now

    NATO's war on Yugoslavia has failed catastrophically. The crimes against humanity that the alliance hoped to forestall continue to be visited upon the Albanian Kosovars.

    The Editors

  • Column

    Ulster Veto, Ulster Terror

    If Bill Clinton finds time to look up from the debacle of NATO's bombing of Serbia, he will find that Protestant holdouts in Northern Ireland are on the verge of denying him the only legitimate f

    Alexander Cockburn

  • Slobo in Prayer

    So Slobodan said prayers with Jesse.
    But prayed for what? Who knows? I'd guess he
    Would say, "So stop the bombs!" and then amens.
    Except when bombs no longer shower

    Calvin Trillin

  • Books & the Arts

    The Spies Who Loved Us?

    I still kick myself for not having saved the short story I wrote for composition class in seventh grade in which I described how the Russians took over my small suburban community.

    Ellen Schrecker

  • Lovestone’s Thin Red Line

    Jay Lovestone is not only one of the oddest characters in the history of the American left but easily its most slippery.

    Paul Buhle

  • Waits: Guthrie’s Heir?

    Tom Waits is an imaginary hobo. He cruises the oddball corners of American pop culture, collecting the deft and moving and loopy short takes he sees and imagines there.

    Gene Santoro

  • Memory Hotel (It’s Haunted)

    Thanks to the genius of millions, who over the generations have created our language, we may speak of the most uncanny experience in terms that suit the most common.

    Stuart Klawans
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