World Leaders

Landless, Jobless, But Not Hopeless Landless, Jobless, But Not Hopeless

The day after the World Social Forum dialogues, I visited an encampment of landless people squatting in garbage-wrap tents alongside the road an hour from Porto Alegre.

Feb 9, 2003 / Feature / Tom Hayden

Letter From London Letter From London

Europeans opposed to war in Iraq are united by a deep distrust, even fear, of America.

Feb 6, 2003 / Feature / D.D. Guttenplan

State of Disunion State of Disunion

These are dangerous times. George W. Bush is set to make another State of the Union address.

Jan 23, 2003 / Column / Eric Alterman

Two Bad Guys Two Bad Guys

This Kim Jong Il's a naughty lad, But Bush says he's not half as bad As ol' Saddam, whom we must swat Before he gets what Kim has got.

Jan 22, 2003 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Israel’s Dangerous Crossroads Israel’s Dangerous Crossroads

A continuation of the current situation will undermine Israeli democracy.

Jan 16, 2003 / Feature / Hillel Schenker

Venezuela on the Brink Venezuela on the Brink

As the general strike against President Hugo Chávez entered its third week in early December, a major TV channel broadcast statements by baseball hero Andres Galarraga a...

Dec 23, 2002 / Editorial / Steve Ellner

Iraq After D-Day: The Cordesman Memo Iraq After D-Day: The Cordesman Memo

Napoleon would sketch out in an afternoon the new constitution and legal arrangements for one of France's imperial conquests.

Dec 12, 2002 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn

Containing Saddam Containing Saddam

Critics of America's plans to oust Saddam Hussein militarily have mounted powerful arguments, but not one has articulated a coherent nonmilitary strategy to bring about the dem...

Nov 26, 2002 / Editorial / Andrew Mack

The Myth and Milosevic The Myth and Milosevic

Whoever does not fight at Kosovo... May nothing bear fruit that his hand sows.      --Serb epic

Apr 1, 1999 / Editorial / Marlene Nadle

Srebrenica Revisited Srebrenica Revisited

During the Balkan war of 1912, Leon Trotsky was a war correspondent for a group of liberal Russian and Ukrainian newspapers.

Apr 1, 1999 / Column / Christopher Hitchens