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Third Party Politics

Third Party Politics news and analysis from The Nation

  • December 2, 1999

    Public Citizen No.1

    CORRECTION (from the Dec. 27 issue): In Micah L. Sifry's "Public Citizen No. 1" [Dec. 20], Carl Mayer, although he is among those urging Nader to run, was incorrectly identified as a member of the Draft Nader Committee. Also, the town of Amherst is in Wisconsin, not Michigan.
    A version of this article also appeared in Salon magazine.

    Micah L. Sifry

  • October 14, 1999

    Buchanan-Fulani: New Team?

    When Pat Buchanan showed up to tout his new book on Tim Russert's CNBC show, Russert asked about his recent lunch date with Lenora Fulani, former presidential candidate of the New Alliance Party.

    Bruce Shapiro

  • September 9, 1999

    On the Possibility That Pat Buchanan Will Run as a Third-Party Candidate

    Buchanan hints he's leaving.
    The GOP says, "Stay!"
    They fear that he'd be draining
    The wacko vote away.

    Calvin Trillin