Bush’s Hammer Bush’s Hammer

House GOP whip Tom DeLay will do his best to pull the President to the right.

Jan 5, 2001 / Feature / Bob Dreyfuss

Block Ashcroft–I Block Ashcroft–I

John Ashcroft's nomination as Attorney General is the first installment on George W. Bush's enormous political debt to the radical right. Remember back in early February when Bus...

Jan 5, 2001 / Editorial / Burt Neuborne

Block Ashcroft–II Block Ashcroft–II

Just how bad an Attorney General would John Ashcroft be? And is his nomination worth fighting? To answer the first question, talk to those who have experienced Ashcroft up close ...

Jan 5, 2001 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Memorial Day Powell 1991

Questions for Powell Questions for Powell

Secretary of State-designate Colin Powell needs to explain his participation in several sordid episodes of the United States' past.

Dec 22, 2000 / Editorial / David Corn

Executioners’ Swan Song Executioners’ Swan Song

Capital punishment will be one of the defining issues of the coming year.

Dec 22, 2000 / Editorial / The Editors

Thou Shalt Not Kill Thou Shalt Not Kill

Christians are drifting away in their support of the death penalty.

Dec 22, 2000 / Feature / Marion Gross

Return of Legal Realism Return of Legal Realism

Bush v. Gore may have superficially resolved a short-run political crisis, but it has triggered a deep intellectual crisis.

Dec 22, 2000 / Editorial / Sanford Levinson

A Talk With Governor George Ryan A Talk With Governor George Ryan

The governor issued a moratorium on executions in Illinois a year ago, after investigative-reporting students and their professor saved an innocent man from the death chamber.

Dec 22, 2000 / Feature / Bruce Shapiro

Death Trip: The American Way of Execution Death Trip: The American Way of Execution

Dec 22, 2000 / Feature / Robert Sherrill

What Must Have Happened to Create the Supreme Court Decision in Bush v. Gore What Must Have Happened to Create the Supreme Court Decision in Bush v. Gore

Though "activist" is what they've railed against, These five Supremes said, "Just this once, let's try it. We know which candidate we want to win. We'll simply find some law to justify it."

Dec 22, 2000 / Column / Calvin Trillin