Health and Disease

AIDS and Poverty in Africa AIDS and Poverty in Africa

Prevention and treatment require a focus on overall health and development.

May 3, 2001 / Feature / Eileen Stillwaggon

AIDS: The New Apartheid AIDS: The New Apartheid

A campaign to help sick people in need of unaffordable medicines is clashing with forces in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Apr 26, 2001 / Editorial / Mark Gevisser

This Warning May Be Hazardous to Your Health This Warning May Be Hazardous to Your Health

A woman two months pregnant goes to see her Ob-Gyn for prenatal care. As required by law, her doctor informs her that her condition places her at greater risk for a wide range of...

Mar 30, 2001 / Column / Katha Pollitt

AIDS and Profits AIDS and Profits

This is not about profits and patents; it's about poverty and a devastating disease." That statement did not come from AIDS activists struggling to provide sub-Saharan Africa's...

Mar 22, 2001 / Editorial / The Editors

In the Place of Nations In the Place of Nations

Big Pharma's dark underside.

Mar 22, 2001 / Feature / John le Carré

When Ignorance Is Bliss When Ignorance Is Bliss

I have eaten more than my share of Whoppers in my forty-one years. As a teenager I liked them so much I'd worry about whether I could afford another one while still eating the fi...

Mar 8, 2001 / Column / Eric Alterman

Bush Medicine for Africa Bush Medicine for Africa

The Bush Administration's health policies for Africa basically amount to the moral equivalent of the death penalty for 25 million people.

Feb 8, 2001 / Editorial / Salih Booker

No Nukes=Better Health No Nukes=Better Health

There wasn't much good news to report from the year 2000, but topping the list in health terms was the long-overdue final shutdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power station on Decem...

Jan 12, 2001 / Editorial / Harvey Wasserman

No Health, No Wealth No Health, No Wealth

Foundations formed when nonprofit hospitals became for-profit are often not living up to their obligations.

Nov 30, 2000 / Feature / Annette Fuentes and Rosemary Metzler Lavan

If Politics Got Real… If Politics Got Real…

If politics got real...the debate over costly prescription drugs would turn to more fundamental solutions like breaking up the pharmaceutical industry's patent monopolies, which ...

Oct 26, 2000 / Editorial / William Greider