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Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality news and analysis from The Nation

  • June 10, 1999

    The Officer and the Diva

    This spring, two important chapters in the surprising story of Israeli gay and lesbian politics concluded.

    Joshua Gamson

  • June 3, 1999

    Morning-After Pill Ban

    Emergency contraception has the potential to revolutionize women's relationship to sex and birth control.

    Patricia Miller

  • April 1, 1999

    Sodomy for the Masses

    It's a good thing Bill and Monica held their trysts in the White House rather than just across the Potomac, in Falls Church or Arlington, Virginia.

    Debbie Nathan

  • February 18, 1999

    Nonsilence = Death, Too?

    In seven novels and a collection of essays published since 1981, Sarah Schulman has methodically chronicled the history of her longtime neighborhood, Manhattan's East Village.

    Mark J. Huisman

  • January 7, 1999

    Immaculate Contraception

    Enter the glass doors at 222 West 14th Street in New York City, and the chaos of traffic horns and tire-screeches, jackhammers and concentrated humanity recedes into a hush.

    Jennifer Baumgardner


  • January 2, 1998

    Where’s the Revolution?

    When I came out in Boston in the mid-l970s, I had no way of knowing that the lesbian and gay movement I was discovering was in many ways unique.

    Barbara Smith

  • July 4, 1994

    A Socialism of the Skin

    Our suffering teaches us solidarity; or it should.

    Tony Kushner

  • November 14, 1981

    Some Jews & The Gays

    Vidal on the new upper-middle-class Jewish hate of homosexuals.

    Gore Vidal