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Elections news and analysis from The Nation

  • March 6, 2007

    When’s the Idea Primary?

    This should be a time for vision and bold ideas, yet caution is the order of the day--and activist voters are demanding more.

    Robert L. Borosage

  • March 1, 2007

    Rushed Primaries

    Instead of front-loading political races with early primaries, we need a rotating calendar of regional primaries.

    the Editors

  • February 21, 2007

    McCain Mutiny

    Outraged by his failure to stick to a far-right agenda as he pursues the presidency, Senator John McCain's conservative base in Arizona is abandoning him.

    Max Blumenthal

  • February 21, 2007

    Hillary the Hawk

    Let's face it. Hillary Clinton is not a peace candidate.

    Robert Scheer

  • February 8, 2007

    Into 2008

    America's next President must have a big heart, an open mind and the passion to set the nation on the way to equality, opportunity, true democracy and social justice.

    the Editors


  • February 1, 2007

    Which Side Are You On?

    Jim Webb's blunt talk on populist economics challenges Democrats to craft a 2008 strategy that allows all Americans to share the wealth.

    the Editors

  • January 22, 2007

    Draft Obama! Why Bother?

    Ambitious politicians don't need a draft to run for higher office, but as "draft" sites become a campaign essential, genuine netroots activists will pay the price.

    Ari Melber

  • January 21, 2007

    Obama’s Challenge

    If Barack Obama is to secure critical grassroots support for his presidential bid, he must be less about celebrity and more about policy.

    John Nichols

  • January 4, 2007

    Blue-ing the West

    Democrats are on the verge of a fundamental shift in the regional balance of political power.

    Sasha Abramsky

  • January 4, 2007

    Happy New Year!

    Resolutions for liberals.

    Katha Pollitt