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  • May 16, 2006

    Science and the First Amendment

    If you can lie about science and get away with it, you can lie about anything. That’s why we must say no to ideological zealots who are waging war against science and against democracy itself.

    Patricia Princehouse

  • April 20, 2006

    Divestment and Sudan

    The growing campus campaign to force universities to divest from corporations doing business with the Sudanese government is having real impact.

    Sam Graham-Felsen

  • April 6, 2006

    ‘The Lobby’

    The recent furor over a scholarly article suggesting that the “Israel lobby” drives US Mideast policy presents an opportunity for vigorous open debate on a volatile subject.

    The Editors

  • March 28, 2006

    The Dot-Degree Boom

    Thanks to aggressive recruiting tactics and a complaisant Congress, online enrollments at the University of Phoenix and its spinoff, Axia College, are soaring. So are student debt and disaffection.

    Garrett Ordower

  • March 16, 2006

    Truth or Consequences

    OK, kids: With conservatives on the hunt for dangerous left-wing academics, take this SAT (Save America from Treachery) test. See if you can tell the difference between a terrorist and a truth-teller. First prize: A three-day getaway in Baghdad. Fail and go to jail.

    Patricia J. Williams


  • March 14, 2006

    Student Debts, Stunted Lives

    As Congress jacks up the rates students and their parents are paying for college loans, the consequences are already being felt by young people whose ability to have a child or own a house is limited by debt.

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • February 23, 2006

    Princeton Tilts Right

    Robert George, the conservative movement’s favorite professor, exerts his influence.

    Max Blumenthal

  • February 23, 2006

    He’s Got a Little List

    The Nation is pleased that so many of its contributors are included on a right-wing list of the most dangerous academics in America.

    Richard Lingeman

  • February 23, 2006

    Leadership 101

    The lesson in Harvard president Lawrence Summers’s sudden demise is that his brand of neoliberalism works better on blackboards than in the real world.

    The Editors

  • January 26, 2006

    UCLA’s Dirty Thirty

    Negative media coverage has succeeded in undermining support among prominent conservatives for a UCLA alumni group that paid students to target and expose left-leaning faculty.

    Jon Wiener