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Economy news and analysis from The Nation

  • September 30, 2004

    Kerry’s Trade Winds

    Senator John Kerry has promised a revision of Clinton-era trade policies to insure that future agreements contain stronger, enforceable labor and environmental standards.

    Tom Hayden and Lori Wallach

  • September 30, 2004

    Cheney’s Cronies

    As he prepares to debate Halliburton CEO turned Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John Edwards would do well to study up on his Harry Truman.

    the Editors

  • September 21, 2004

    True Conservatives Would Back Kerry

    If they were true to their principles, moderate Republicans and consistent conservatives would be supporting John Kerry. Instead, their acquiescence to the reckless whims of George W.

    Robert Scheer

  • September 9, 2004

    Be Our Guests

    Guest workers in the US are routinely punished for asserting their rights.

    David Bacon

  • September 2, 2004

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  • September 2, 2004

    Economic Bad Boys

    When the "scrawny boy from Austria" delivered his peroration against faint-hearted "economic girlie men," it was an unusually seductive, even witty, appeal to a notion of free enterprise that is

    Patricia J. Williams

  • September 2, 2004

    Will Labor Come Back?

    Labor Day has never been a very inspiring holiday, established as it was by late-nineteenth-century union bosses as a homegrown alternative to May Day, which was viewed as having uncomfortably le

    Liza Featherstone

  • September 2, 2004

    Poverty in the Suburbs

    Hidden in a Census Bureau report on poverty released in late August is a factoid with significant political and social consequences. Poverty has moved to the suburbs.

    Peter Dreier

  • August 12, 2004

    Letter From Uganda

    For two years, journalist Andrew Rice lived in Uganda as a fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs.

    Andrew Rice

  • August 12, 2004

    Global Fights Go Local

    Missouri Governor Bob Holden learned how volatile globalization issues have become when his Democratic primary challenger, Claire McCaskill, started banging away on him for offshoring the state's

    John Nichols