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September 27, 2004 Issue

Katha Pollitt looks at the girlie vote, Marc Cooper asks if Arizona is turning blue and Calvin Trillin offers a critique of slime politics i…

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Infotainment at the RNC

With the candidates in the bag, and no hope of drama, the Democratic and Republican conventions can be fairly judged only as extended advertisements for the parties that stage...

Iraq and 1,000 Deaths

The price we are paying for George W. Bush's unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq keeps rising: The number of Americans killed in the war has now passed the 1,000 mark.




Why Bush Left Texas

We're pleased to announce that this article, originally posted on September 14, 2004, has won the Deadline Club's Online News Exclusive for 2005, beating out Newsday and...

Books & the Arts

A Tribe Called Quest

Walking through the retrospective exhibition of Lee Bontecou, on view at MoMA-Queens, is uncannily like visiting an out-of-the-way museum of natural history, as if her entire ...

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