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September 20, 2004 Issue

Paul Rogat Loeb shows why there’s hope in a time of fear, Peter Dreier details growing poverty in the suburbs and Liza Featherstone as…

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Will Labor Come Back?

Labor Day has never been a very inspiring holiday, established as it was by late-nineteenth-century union bosses as a homegrown alternative to May Day, which was viewed as hav...

Poverty in the Suburbs

Hidden in a Census Bureau report on poverty released in late August is a factoid with significant political and social consequences. Poverty has moved to the suburbs.

Gay GOPers Crash Party

Being a gay or lesbian Republican isn't easy. Social conservatives condemn your "homosexual lifestyle," while your friends (and lovers) on the left see you as part of the anti...


‘We Lie. We Decide.’

TIM RUSSERT: But, Senator, when you testified before the Senate, you talked about some of the hearings you had observed at the Winter Soldiers meeting, and you sai...

Economic Bad Boys

When the "scrawny boy from Austria" delivered his peroration against faint-hearted "economic girlie men," it was an unusually seductive, even witty, appeal to a notion of free...



When Red Meets Blue

A bipartisan dialogue in this election year? In New York City? During the Republican convention?! We always knew those folks at The New School were a little nutty.

Now Hear This!

A once-sleepy population of artists and their fans has emerged as a loud and active proponent of political change.

In Full Bloom

Adapted from Everything We Love Can Be Saved, copyright 1997 by Alice Walker. Used by permission of Random House, Inc.

Books & the Arts

The Burden of Memory

Perhaps you noticed them in the main square of your town this year--or last year, or any year you've been alive, in any town where you've ever lived: a group of people solemnl...

At the Border

At the border between the past and the future
No sign on a post warns that your passport
Won't let you return to your native land
As a citizen, just as a ...

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