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September 15, 2003 Issue

William Greider puts the blame on energy dereg, David Moberg stands with workers in the fight to organize and Terry Eagleton reads the life…

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In the Stars

This essay was one of the winners out of a pool of 290 entries in a recent writing contest sponsored by Women's WORLD, the Nation Institute and the Puffin Foundation designed to br...

Women’s Voices

Through the corporate media's electronic collage of murders, sex scandals, celebrity sightings and Pentagon-generated fantasy can be heard a constant buzz--"war, terror, sec...

The Tragedy of Iraq

With the August 19 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, and with the deaths of twenty-three people so far--including the chief of the UN mission, Sergio Vi...




Books & the Arts

Bull’s Eye

This was the summer when the movies were so bad, people were reduced to complaining about a Mel Gibson film they hadn't seen.

Swing Time for Hitler

It is of some small comfort that totalitarian regimes are never quite as total as either their leaders or subsequent historians might imagine.

The Life of the Party

Interesting Times is a curiously feeble title for an autobiography, rather as if Noam Chomsky were to write an article called "Could America Do Better?"...

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