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September 12, 2005 Issue

Karen Houppert investigates the increasingly desperate measures the US military is taking to recruit new soldiers, Eric Alterman says the Ne…

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Solidarity, 25 Years Later

That brief explosion in Gdansk of civic participation and political innovation contains secrets and gems of political ideals that can be achieved.

Gaza Illusions

Disengagement represents a dangerous step backward in the struggle to find a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians and leaves many core issues unresolved.

Lessons of Camp Casey

There is no possible strategy to win in Iraq. Now is the time for activists to reach out to the families of soldiers in Iraq who may feel betrayed.




How to Say No

Counter-recruitment projects are mobilizing to push back on the growing militarization of America's schools. Here's a list of resources.

Who’s Next?

Military recruiters are targeting the nation's high schools and junior highs, seeking an early harvest of soldiers-to-be. Is your child next?

Books & the Arts

Patriotic Bore

Two recent books on Tom Paine and on the unruly birth of US democracy reveal that liberal historians have become believers in the 'radicalism' of the American Revolution.

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