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October 22, 2001 Issue

  • Columns

    Dry Up the Pools of Discontent

    The bombing part is easy. Not of course on the civilians, the "collateral damage" likely to be killed in unseemly large numbers, as they were during the Gulf War.

    Robert Scheer

  • Indispensable

    (An old Nat "King" Cole song, as sung by Rudy "King" Giuliani)

    Indispensable, that's what I am.
    I'm an icon now, like Uncle Sam.
    I'm the rock this town is built upon.
    Après moi, no one could carry on.
    No one but me
    Could possibly be
    (bah, bah, bah)
    Indispensable, the mayor for life.
    No one worries now about my wife.
    So, you see, I've simply got to stay.
    I'll be mayor forever and a day.
    And I'll still be indispensable then.

    Calvin Trillin