B. Ruby Rich

B. Ruby Rich, author of Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement (Duke) and correspondent for the National Public Television program Independent View, writes about film for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Sight and Sound and elsewhere.

Twin Peaks Twin Peaks

Lifestyle sections have lately been detailing the public's renewed appetite for comfort food. If that rice-pudding desire translates to the big screen, then cinematic fairy tales ...

Oct 25, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

Season’s Greetings Season’s Greetings

Telluride, Toronto and After For folks involved in film, seasonal clocks can be set by the annual confluence of international film festivals (Telluride, Toronto, New York, Edinb...

Oct 4, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

Back to the Future Back to the Future

"It looked just like a movie." Need I say which? Independence Day, for sure. The Towering Inferno, for those who remember it. Or Titanic, the ship gone up instead of down, with no...

Sep 27, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

Catchers in the Wry Catchers in the Wry

Ah, the films of summer. When they get it right, they win our hearts. A sublime treat with which to beat the heat, Ghost World deserves every bit of the praise that has been ro...

Aug 23, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

All in the Family All in the Family

As bloated Hollywood blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor and A.I. disappoint to a staggering degree this summer, foreign films without huge promotional budgets are delivering offbea...

Jul 27, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

Mexico at the Multiplex Mexico at the Multiplex

B. Ruby Rich reviews the films Amores Perros and Spy Kids.

Apr 26, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

Gleaners Over Gladiators Gleaners Over Gladiators

During the false calm that descends between the announcement of Oscar nominations and the bad-TV night of their awards, the smug nominees are routinely re-released to a presumably...

Mar 22, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich

The West Indies The West Indies

A survey of films from this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Feb 8, 2001 / Books & the Arts / B. Ruby Rich