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October 18, 2004 Issue

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  • Editorial

    Junk Mail

    The following solicitation from the Republican Committee to Re-elect the President (GOP-CREEP) reached us by mistake.

    Dear Friend of the President:

    Bruce McCall

  • LA’s Liberty Vote

    Jon Wiener is on the board of the Liberty Hill Foundation.

    Jon Wiener

  • Kerry’s Trade Winds

    Senator John Kerry has promised a revision of Clinton-era trade policies to insure that future agreements contain stronger, enforceable labor and environmental standards.

    Tom Hayden and Lori Wallach

  • Death on the Border

    Now that a summerlong Homeland Security crackdown along the Arizona border is concluding, the results are in and they spell lethal failure.

    Marc Cooper

  • Election Matters

    The thing that really galls Ralph Nader is not that so many of his prominent 2000 campaign supporters are now actively campaigning for Democrat John Kerry.

    John Nichols

  • Cheney’s Cronies

    As he prepares to debate Halliburton CEO turned Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John Edwards would do well to study up on his Harry Truman.

    the Editors

  • Books & the Arts

    Signs of Our Times

    Under the Radar magazine commodifies dissent--in a good way.

    Hillary Frey

  • iCinema

    Fussing repetitively with a lock of blond hair, nervously flashing an incomplete set of front teeth, the figure on screen begins to cough up her "testimony" in the accents of a Southern trailer c

    Stuart Klawans

  • This Canadian Life

    The reviewer's galley of Natasha, David Bezmozgis's short-story collection about a Russian émigré family in Toronto, begins with words not from the writer but the publisher.

    D.T. Max

  • The Human Stain

    The question has been asked: Was Franz Kafka human? He seems to have had doubts himself.

    John Banville

  • The Enigma of Return

    In the largest exodus in recorded history, millions of refugees migrated across the brand new border after India was partitioned in 1947.

    Amitava Kumar
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