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John Banville

John Banville’s forthcoming novel, Mrs. Osmond, will be published next month. Banville won the Man Booker Prize in 2005 for his novel The Sea.

  • October 26, 2017

    What Was It Like to Be Ernest Hemingway?

    The world of the Hemingways rattled with frequent gunfire.

    John Banville

  • Fiction May 11, 2006

    Laughter in the Dark

    New translations of novels by exiled authors Roberto Bolaño and Ismail Kadare explore the bloody crossroads where literature, politics and self-absorption converge.

    John Banville

  • Autobiography and Memoir November 17, 2005

    Monster’s Ball

    Party in the Blitz, the final volume of Nobel laureate Elias Canetti's memoirs, is a chaotic, horribly fascinating memoir of a man who was a slave to love, an omnivorous intellect and a literary giant.

    John Banville

  • Fiction January 13, 2005

    Beyond Good and Evil

    Adorno said, as we all know, that writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric. This is not to say, as many imagine, that writing poetry after Auschwitz is to be forbidden, or is impossible.

    John Banville

  • Biography September 30, 2004

    The Human Stain

    The question has been asked: Was Franz Kafka human? He seems to have had doubts himself.

    John Banville

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  • Fiction October 16, 2003

    Being and Nothingness

    John Coetzee's new book reads like a suicide note.

    John Banville