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November 3, 2003 Issue

  • Editorials

  • You Protest, You Pay

    It started with Congress, which in 1998 voted to deny federal financial aid to students with minor drug convictions like marijuana possession. Now the use of financial aid as an incentive to cu

    Jamie Pietras

  • Identity Thieves

    The Federal Trade Commission has acknowledged that the epidemic of identity theft claimed almost 10 million victims last year.

    Jamie Court

  • Dying for AIDS Drugs

    Click here to help save ADAP.

    Esther Kaplan

  • Is Syria Next?

    Shortly after 9/11, the government received an extraordinary gift of hundreds of files on Al Qaeda, crucial data on the activities of radical Islamist cells throughout the Middle East and Europ

    the Editors

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  • Books and the Arts

    Man’s Best Friend

    As Stevie Smith once wrote, while impersonating God, "I will forgive you everything,/But what you have done to my Dogs/I will not forgive." About Dan Rhodes's novel Timoleon Vieta Come Home<

    Caleb Crain

  • Being and Nothingness

    John Coetzee's new book reads like a suicide note.

    John Banville

  • The One-State Solution

    Is Zionism a failed ideology? This question will strike many people as absurd on its face.

    Daniel Lazare

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