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May 26, 2008 Issue

Danny Schechter on how cable TV fueled the financial meltdown, Alexander Cockburn on attacking Iran, a poem by Adrienne Rich…

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Longshoremen protest the war, Ken Livingstone loses London, Zephyr Teachout blogs The Nation.

Trust the Voters

Finally, the Democratic campaign can begin to focus on what really matters--healthcare, the economy and leaving Iraq.




After Gitmo

America's legal and moral responsibility to innocent detainees is not more imprisonment, but a new life in the United States.

Earth at 350

Atmospheric CO2 has spiked to 385 parts per million. Roll that back to 350 and we may still live and thrive.

Death in Darfur

Jen Marlowe In Darfur, even the schools are not safe, as I learned following a recent tragedy that cost six children their lives.

A Somber Anniversary

Sixty years after the founding of the State of Israel, the long conflict with the Palestinians, and with the Arab world at large, casts a pall over Israeli life.

Books & the Arts


The contemporary art world, reflected in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, is themeless and heading in no identifiable direction.

The Counter-Family

British author Jonathan Coe departs from grand social transformations and turns to the domestic sphere in The Rain Before It Falls.

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