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May 16, 2005 Issue

Studs Terkel hails Pete Seeger, Victor Navasky details the role of journals of dissent and Stuart Klawans reviews “Enron.”…

Cover art by: Photo illustration by José Chicas/Avenging Angels

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In Fact…

Stephen Zunes writes: Amid the blare of the Bush Administration's alarms about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons capabilities, few remember that the United States, from the Eis...

Nation Notes

Nine years ago, when The Nation first went online, we thought putting up selections from the magazine once a week constituted a major step into the world of the web.


Books & the Arts

Love’s Body

Kazuo Ishiguro is a writer renowned for his capacity to create beautifully controlled surfaces and to beautifully evoke the roiling emotions beneath them.

Crouching Tiger

Being Stanley Crouch is about as bruising a vocation as there is in what passes for--or remains of--polite literary society.

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