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May 14, 2012 Issue

Cover art by: Cover photo by Dorothea Lange/Library of ­Congress, design by Milton Glaser ­Incorporated


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  • Editorial

    A Fight Bigger Than ALEC

    As campaigns against the right-wing group continue, we must fight its sabotaging of voting rights across the country.

    the Editors

  • What Teachers Want

    New studies show that many teachers are unhappy in their jobs—and in this climate of austerity, it's no wonder.

    Dana Goldstein

  • Noted

    Elizabeth Whitman on participatory budgeting, Jessica Valenti on dirty tricks against Planned Parenthood, Scott Sherman on the fight over the New York Public Library, plus: the death penalty on trial

    Various Contributors

  • A New Low in Attacks on Freedom of Speech

    Tarek Mehanna got seventeen years in prison for translating a document.

    David Cole
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  • Books & the Arts

    The Road to Marjayoun: On Anthony Shadid

    Anthony Shadid was an exceedingly rare reporter in the thinning ranks of American journalism.

    Scott Sherman

  • A Charismatic Chameleon: On Luis Buñuel

    Hitchcock delighted in manipulating the audience. Early on Luis Buñuel learned to be satisfied with amusing himself.

    J. Hoberman

  • The Wished and the Willed

    Hirikazu Kore-eda’s I Wish, Nanni Moretti’s We Have a Pope, Shirley Clarke’s The Connection, Mia Hansen Love’s Goodbye First Love, Jennifer Baichwal’s Payback

    Stuart Klawans
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  • Letters


    Response to Tom Hayden’s “Participatory Democracy,” with Hayden’s reply, and to Linda Darling-Hammond’s “Redlining Our Schools.” Plus a couple historical corrections.

    Our Readers and Tom Hayden