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March 21, 2005 Issue

Jonathan Schell details what it means to be a less super superpower, Warren Hinckle remembers Hunter S. Thompson and Arthur C. Danto hails C…

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Hunter S. Thompson

He said he wanted his ashes shot out of a cannon. "A great funeral" was what he wanted, he told his son. Then he walked into the kitchen and shot himself dead in the head.

Accounting for Torture

As an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, David Cole represents Maher Arar and Ahmed Abu Ali in their civil cases against the government.


The Cheese Stands Alone

Beijing Plus 10, the follow-up on the momentous 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, is opening at the United Nations as I write, and like other UN gatherings sin...



Going Nowhere

In May 2003 the centrist Democratic Leadership Council published its yearly list of "100 New Democrats to Watch." The DLC frequently puts out these lists as a way to publicly ...

Books & the Arts

Rock the Casbah

What might it mean to call a film indispensable? Perhaps not much. At base level, we'd merely be asserting that other films (maybe the vast majority) are candidates for the ga...

American Graffiti

In the works that made him famous, Jasper Johns realized an ancient dream by painting things that overcame the distinction between reality and representation--numerals, for ex...

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