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Daniel Swift

Daniel Swift has written for Bookforum, the New York Times Book Review and the Times Literary Supplement.

  • FictionJanuary 25, 2007

    History Boy

    The narrator of Martin Amis's House of Meetings describes the collapse of his soul through forty years of Soviet history.

    Daniel Swift

  • BiographyFebruary 28, 2006

    Bad Will Hunting

    Two new books on Shakespeare examine his shadowy life, his times and the origins of his imagination. A third explores whether the Bard of Avon was, in fact, Edward de Vere.

    Daniel Swift

  • BiographyMarch 3, 2005

    The Man Who Wasn't There

    Christopher Marlowe's life was short, sharp and irresistible.

    Daniel Swift

  • Regions and CountriesAugust 12, 2002

    Justice Denied in Egypt

    Saad Eddin Ibrahim prepared a statement to close his trial in front of the Egyptian Supreme State Security Court, but the judge sentenced him before he had a chance to read it.

    Daniel Swift

  • Foreign PolicyDecember 4, 2001

    Chelsea in Oxford

    Chelsea Clinton bristles at the antiwar movement while she attends Oxford.

    Daniel Swift

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