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March 15, 2004 Issue

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw wonders if Strom Thurmond was a rapist, the struggles of France’s secularists are examined by Maria…

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Undemocratic Process

There has been much comment about the take-no-prisoners approach of the Congressional Republican leadership in cramming through the Medicare prescription-drug benefit this pas...

Press Watch

The conduct of our major newspapers in the run-up to the Iraq war calls to mind William Hazlitt's famous appraisal of the Times of London.

Candidate Nader

Ralph Nader got a lot of things right when he appeared on NBC's Meet the Press and accused "Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush and their cohorts from Tallahassee to the Supr...




Books & the Arts

Blind Faith

From the moment when Mel Gibson began promoting The Passion of the Christ--was it only ten years ago?--he has insisted that his goal was to be true to the Gospel text.

The Pleasures of Crime

Despite their indifference to genre fiction, American publishers of literary novels have consistently made exceptions for homegrown crime writers.

The Old Couple

Please tell me how the shoehorn manages to keep
Its shape the same for centuries. At dusk my ignorance
Slips away and hides its eggs in the woods.

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