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June 2, 2003 Issue

Gore Vidal reflects on the Constitutional Convention, Alisa Solomon examines the erosion of the right of dissent and Daniel Lazare takes &qu…

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Nation Note

Congratulations to the Nation circulation staff, Art Stupar, Michelle O'Keefe and Inga Knets, who have won a Gold Award from Circulation Management magazine.

Paying for Apartheid

Two major lawsuits--filed in the United States against multinational corporations including GM, IBM and Citigroup for aiding and abetting apartheid--are at a critical junctu...

The Judiciary Wars

Senate Democrats, who were so divided on the war and tax cuts, are holding together impressively to stop the Worst of the Worst of President Bush's judicial nominees.


When Bush (sans flight suit) delivered a photo-op victory speech to the men and women of the USS Abraham Lincoln, he solemnly noted, "We've begun the search for hidden chemi...


Who Framed John Fund?

So the right-wing journalist John Fund may not be a model citizen, but contrary to the implications of many left journalists and gossip columnists, he's likely not the kind ...

Bah, Humbug

I wish it had been sex, maybe some of that hot "man on dog" action that Senator Rick Santorum is so keen on chatting about. But let me not be picky.



The New Campus Raids

On February 26 the small town of Moscow, Idaho, saw more commotion than it had since a truck camper exploded in a vacant lot last September. While the town was still sleepin...

Books & the Arts

Magnificent Obsessions

This week, all true movie lovers will rush to see a violent and fantastic special-effects thriller, in which a character endowed with uncanny powers rips through the veil of...

The New Yorker Goes to War

In its first issue after the fall of the World Trade Center, The New Yorker published a handful of short reaction pieces by John Updike, Jonathan Franzen and others a...

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