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June 1, 2009 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels


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  • Editorial

    What Was I Fighting For?

    I witnessed firsthand the ineffectiveness of US military strategy in Afghanistan. We need a clear mission, an exit strategy and a commitment to diplomacy.

    Rick Reyes

  • Ten Things You Can Do to Fight World Hunger

    Eat less meat, conserve energy, buy fair-trade products, support sustainable agriculture, advocate for food security as a human right...

    The Nation

  • Lax Little Islands

    Obama and Congress must get tougher on offshore tax cheats--prosecuting them as criminals and requiring full payment, with penalties and interest.

    David Cay Johnston

  • Noted.

    The paper industry's tax loophole; healthcare reform protesters under arrest; apartheid victims' day in court; a Hillman award for The Nation.

    the Editors

  • The More Things Change

    Wall Street's pervasive influence on Obama's change agenda props up banks, while the real economy continues to suffer.

    Jeff Faux

  • Coming Up Thorns

    Premature optimism about the economy could swiftly undermine the president's credibility. Stand by, taxpayers: there may be more rescues ahead.

    the Editors
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