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July 6, 2009 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Editorials

    Obama’s False Financial Reform

    What's missing in the President's call for reform are concrete rules that address a dysfunctional banking system. Slow down the rush to weak solutions.

    William Greider

  • Obama’s Transparency Problem

    The president gets mixed grades on his promises of transparency: good to the public and the press, not so good to the other two branches.

    Ari Melber

  • Obama’s Iran Response Should be Bolder

    This president does not need to make threats to champion democracy.

    John Nichols

  • Healthcare Pushback

    Taxing benefits may raise money for Obama's healthcare reform, but it would betray union members who gave up wage increases in order to get decent coverage.

    William Greider

  • Ban’s Way

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is halfway through his first term. Whether he gets a second term depends on his ability to get results.

    Barbara Crossette

  • Noted.

    John Nichols on antiwar Democrats, Corbin Hiar on Greenland and global warming, The Nation Associates on Ning

    the Editors

  • The Compensation Hustle

    How will Washington recalibrate the share of gains captured by shareholders, executives and workers in a post-crash economy?

    Chris Hayes

  • Turmoil in Tehran

    The world is watching as the next chapter in the future of Iran unfolds.

    the Editors

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