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July 10, 2006 Issue

Ira Glasser looks at racial inequities of drug busts, Richard Kim assesses the global impact of AIDS activists, David Yaffe listens to the m…

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Cheney and HAL

As CEO of Halliburton, Dick Cheney was not much different from other corporate titans ensnared by accusations of incompetence and fraud.

The People Versus AIDS

If the United Nations is to keep its promise to grant people with AIDS universal access to treatment by 2010, it will be because activists are holding world leaders accountable.

Moving Toward the Exit

Americans know it's time to end the US presence in Iraq. They will reward the party that offers a plan for leaving before more American soldiers--and countless Iraqis--are killed.


The President’s Jihad

The Bush Administration's jihad against newspapers that reported on a secret program to monitor the personal-banking records of unsuspecting citizens is more important than the ori...

History Lesson

Back in Washington's day, Congress printed money to fight the Revolutionary War without collecting taxes to back it up--and paid the price in inflation: History repeats itself toda...



Generation Lockdown

California's juvenile justice system is broken everywhere you look. An ambitious plan for reform could bring much-needed improvements, but does it go far enough?

Biker Mecca on Sacred Ground

Native American activists are braced for a tense summer, as a motorcycling entrepreneur goes forward with plans for a resort that will draw hundreds of thousands of bikers to the s...

Say Goodbye to Bolton

Selection of a new UN Secretary General is too important to be engineered by the whims and prejudices of John Bolton. It's time for saner voices in the Administration to tell the U...

The New American Cold War

The unfolding conflict over US plans to build missile defense components near post-Soviet Russia, in Poland and the Czech Republic, is the latest proof of the way US-Russian relati...

Books & the Arts

Brilliant Corners

To honor Andrew Hill's passing, we are reposting an article about his life's achievements originally posted in July, 2006.

The Passion of Anna

In Elaine Feinstein's new biography, the complicated life of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova is flattened into a fable of suffering and redemption.

The Plot Against America

John Updike's Terrorist rips its plot from the headlines. But the book's Irish-Egyptian protagonist is paper-thin, and its jihad-lit plot remains stubbornly inanimate, devoi...

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