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February 28, 2000 Issue


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  • Editorial

    The McCain Insurgency

    Every presidential contest in the past two decades has produced something of a quasi populist--a mad-as-hell candidate of the left, right or center who runs against the establishment in Washingto

    David Corn
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  • Books & the Arts

    To Her, With Love

    I like a filmmaker who walks you into a story.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Business Creates Eco-Side!

    Natural Capitalism is so informative and provocative--and so unfashionably optimistic about the future of the planet--that I wonder why everyone in public life is not reading it and arguin

    William Greider

  • Naipaul Writes Home

    Many years ago, when I was about the age that V.S. Naipaul was when he departed Trinidad for England, I would borrow books by him from the library of an erstwhile colonial club in Kuala Lumpur.

    S. Shankar
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