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December 30, 2002 Issue

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  • Editorial

  • The Hungry Physician

    It seemed like a straightforward invitation. Dinner at an upscale uptown restaurant, sponsored by a drug company, where the topic was to be financial planning.

    Dr. Marc Siegel

  • A New New Deal?

    The same week that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced his plans to close eight city firehouses, Mike Wallace, John Jay College professor and bard of New York, held a conference on “Ne

    Kim Phillips-Fein

  • Making the Connections

    A sense of the larger picture is growing among US citizens, notably, though not only, among a young generation, along with a revulsion against official and corporate contempt for the will and w

    Adrienne Rich

  • Will Democrats Step Up?

    It’s still the economy, stupid. The President gets it.

    Robert L. Borosage

  • Show-and-Tell Time

    For a brief moment one could almost believe that the US march toward war with Iraq had paused.

    The Editors

  • Lott Should Resign

    Among the obscenities accumulating in the political atmosphere, the most disgusting may be Trent Lott.

    The Editors

  • Books & the Arts

    What Are They Reading?

    Recently, while doing some research into social conditions in the early twentieth century, I came across a reference to Looking Backward, written in 1888.

    Karen Rothmyer

  • Mamet Goes Wildeing

    The great disparity in the critical reaction to Caryl Churchill’s Far Away, now playing Off Broadway, serves to remind us that opinions are just that–neither right nor wrong, but rather we

    David Kaufman

  • Frederick Seidel of St. Louis

    Frederick Seidel of St. Louis, Missouri, is probably the last American decadent–certainly he is the most distinguished.

    Robyn Creswell

  • Beyond the AIDS Quilt

    Last year marked the “twentieth anniversary” of AIDS, a grim occasion, to say the least, that put major US newspapers in an unenviable predicament.

    Richard Kim

  • The Conservative Imagination

    Dinesh D’Souza became a right-wing campus radical at Dartmouth in the late Carter years. His motives should be recognizable to former campus radicals of the other variety.

    George Packer
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