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December 29, 2003 Issue

Sasha Abramsky exposes a Republican power grab, Eric Alterman defends George Soros and Stuart Klawans reviews "The Last Samurai."…

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Rosenbaum Inquisition

In 2002, Republicans on a House Judiciary subcommittee trained their sights on an unlikely target: conservative Judge James Rosenbaum, Chief Judge of the US District Court for...

The Spirit of Geneva

The launching of a new Middle East peace plan in Switzerland in early December attracted more than the usual number of luminaries.

Gore’s a Dean Man Now

Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean for President for the same reason that so many other Democrats have: He wanted to be where the action is in his party.




Books & the Arts

Scully’s Way

Generations of Yale students share stories about special moments in Vincent Scully's courses on art and architecture.

The Abstract Impressionist

I have always marveled at the way in which Abstract Expressionism was able to transform a disparate group of painters, none of whom had shown any particular promise of artisti...

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