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December 22, 2003 Issue

Robert Jay Lifton on "superpower syndrome," Calvin Trillin on Bush’s surprise visit and Jay Parini on Pablo Neruda.

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Bush’s Religious Language

George W. Bush began to take part in a Bible study group in 1985, after two decades of binge drinking. For two years he studied the Scriptures and put his heavy drinking behin...

What Recovery?

Third-quarter GDP grew by 8.2 percent, October unemployment dropped to 6 percent, manufacturing orders are soaring, the stock market is up--as are profits, the value of stock ...

The AIDS Challenge

This World AIDS Day we were greeted by new, more accurate data from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming the astonishing scope of the global epidemic: Some 40 millio...




Gonzalez for Mayor

Matt Gonzalez, San Francisco's Green candidate for mayor, is trying to put an end to the forty-year grip the Democrats have held over the city's electoral politics and become ...

Books & the Arts

A Poet of Multitudes

Pablo Neruda is often compared to Walt Whitman. In fact, the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner outdid Whitman in some respects.

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