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December 18, 2006 Issue

The Editors call for a Florida revote, Walter Mosley explores obligations of the rich to the poor, Alexander Cockburn contrasts media covera…

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels, photo by Ho New/Reuters

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Revote and Verify

Now that 18,000 electronic ballots have vanished in the flawed 13th Congressional District election in Sarasota, Florida, it's time for a revote.

Time to Leave

If the Iraq Study Group faces reality, it will conclude that the only feasible option for America is to leave Iraq--as quickly as possible.


Gaza and Darfur

There's no political risk for US media to sound off over genocide in Darfur, but challenging Israel's shameful seige of Gaza is quite a different story.



Draining the Gene Pool

A plant gene that could protect organic crops from contamination from genetically engineered seeds is out of reach to most organic farmers, thanks to an agribusiness patent.

Breathing While Black

A young black man and an elderly black woman each die in a hail of police bullets; a comedian invokes the era of lynching--suddenly it feels like a crime to be caught breathing whi...

Beginning of the End

The Iraq Study Group report comes too late for the 600,000 people who died in carnage that is likely to worsen. It won't satisfy the antiwar movement because it sets no timetable f...

Getting Out

The foreign policy establishment knows the Iraq War is lost, but the search for an acceptable exit strategy has only just begun.

Books & the Arts

Unhappy Meal

Stuart Klawans reviews Fast Food Nation, a film that aspires to activism as it undermines its own anticorporate message.

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