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August 29, 2005 Issue

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Books & the Arts

    Life Among the Neo-Pagans

    Our reporter visits a “a magickal, psychedelic & multi-cultural” forest outing and asks, Are New Age, Old Religion believers an endangered species in Born Again America?

    Paul Krassner

  • The Philosophy of Art

    Arthur Danto talks about art in America, the rise of pluralism and how The Nation changed his life.

    Natasha Degen

  • Eat the Document

    Stuart Klawans reviews four documentary films.

    Stuart Klawans

  • After Hours

    At Day’s Close details everything that went on in the pre-industrial night, from fear to licentiousness.

    Terry Eagleton

  • The Twilight Zone

    Though Bergelson wrote in Germany during the 1920s, his stories in Shadows of Berlin are more focused on the past apocalypse than the impending one.

    J. Hoberman

  • The Unexamined Life

    Sean Wilsey’s new memoir is a vulnerable, aching, unresolved account of growing up rich amid San Francisco’s high society.

    Lee Siegel

  • Spectacle

    Recent movies including War of the Worlds and Land of the Dead reflect today’s political landscape.

    Richard Goldstein
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